"Tomati to wọn bi oju, Boko Haram lo fa sababi" Lai Muhammed

Minisita fun etigbọ ati asa nile yii, Alaaji Lai Muhammed, ti wi pe, owongogo tomati loja ko se lẹyin wahala awọn Boko Haram eleyii to mu gbogbo agbẹ sa kuro loko. Oro yii lo so lori telifisan Channels to wa ninu Eko.

    “People talk about the price of tomato but they forget one thing; they forget that the price of tomato today is a direct result of the fact that we have lost two years harvest to Boko Haram insurgency.Most of the people you see riding Okada (motorcycles) in Lagos are people who would have been in the farm to produce consumable items.”

     “Do you farm where there is war? We have lost two seasons of harvest in addition we have had very poor rainfall last year and this year. These are the combined responsible for the scarcity of tomato. Go and ask economists and agriculturists, they will tell you.” - Oro Minisita
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