Ile aye, ile asan! Akawe oro nipa gomina Taraba tele baniyan leru

E je ka ma se pelepele laye, nitori ko seni to mole ti yoo mola. Kosi ohun taa mu wa sile aye, ko si sohun taa mu lo sorun. Ile aye ile asan. Alaye isale yii ni Zirajudeen Folohunsho Asukuna se nipa Gomina ipinle Taraba nigba kan ri, Danbaba Suntai.

My BIG CALL to all, at any level. This man in the picture below is Danbaba Suntai, a pharmacist, a LG chairman, State party chairman, Hon Commissioner, Secretary to the state government, above all, a onetime powerful and influential Governor of TARABA STATE. Look at him today in a wheelchair and a toy in his hand like a baby and just his wife. He can no longer recognize his wife, children nor family members. 

No Political allies/hypocrites etc around him anymore and not even some family members. He can no longer sign his cheques to withdraw all the money he has accumulated not to talk of buying what he desires nor make trips abroad for leisures. 

He can no longer wear those expensive clothes and designer pure leather shoes that he has accumulated to move around and showoff. His situation/condition should serve as a lesson/wake-up call to us all on what we do or say, how we busy ourselves pursuing worldly things without fear of God, telling lies, cheating/stealing and killing fellow humans because of material gain. May the Almighty God guide us to the right path and give us good ending Amen. We wish him quick recovery Amen.
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